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Montoya Electric LLC is an electrical contractor in Chicago, Illinois that provides commercial and residential electrical services in their area. They're a small, family-owned company that looked to increase their amount of customers by updating their branding to reflect the kind of business they want to become: a recognizable, well-established company with an expansive area of service.

At first, I was tasked with designing the wrapping for their company vans. After a great first impression, the client returned for a redesign on their website and business cards so that they matched the look that was established on their van.

Montoya Electric Van Mockup

The Van

The client came with good grasp of the concepts he wanted included on the van. It had to be modern, recognizable to potential clients, and cost-efficient. Among the talks we had, the idea of the Chicago skyline constructed of a circuit diagram came about. The skyline, we agreed, was the solution to the points he wanted the van to hit, and I ran with it.

The skyline is the focal point of the van, recognizable to anyone in the city. Placing it on the sides of the van and making it large enough to see from a distance was crucial. Alone, the skyline looked plain, so I used the business colors at the back-end, using the orange to accent the black.

Montoya Electric Web Mockup

The Website

The main goal of the website is to gain new customers, so I included multiple ways to contact the business that did not distract the user from the main content. The website consists of six main pages, with sections that alternate background colors so the user can easily differentiate when they arrive at a different one.

Almost every section has at least one picture with relevant information, allowing Montoya Electric to look professional and experienced in providing electrical services. The layouts of the sections are in line with modern design practices, using big pictures and ample white-space to keep things balanced and visually appealing.

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Montoya Electric Van Mockup

The Cards

A couple of months passed after the van wrap, and the feedback provided by the client was positive. Turns out his customers were complimenting the truck design, commenting specifically on the skyline.

Together, the client and I felt that the business cards should be fit the branding the van has created. With this in mind, I placed the same skyline circuit from the van around the vertical company logo. On the other side, I placed the design of the back-end of the van with an orange 'M' from the lightbulb in the logo.

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